Why Does My Doorbell Have 3 Wires

Why Does My Doorbell Have 3 Wires

These three wires connect the doorbell transformer to your homes electrical system. There are three wires.

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One of these terminals connects via wire to the doorbell chime and the other connects to the doorbell push button.

Why does my doorbell have 3 wires. The house has a button at the front door and the back door but they were broken off and not working ever since weve lived there. Each of the pairs has one wire commoned together in the wire. Typically the ground wire will be green the neutral wire.

Ground Neutral Hot Wires. Ive looked at close to 50 doorbell diagrams now but none of them show three wires at the buttons. Each of these accounts for 1 pair of twin wires arriving into the chime – why might there be a third pair.

I know the wires. We have a transformer next to our consumer unit supplying 12V AC to the circuit and a single push button outside the front door which only has a single pair coming to it. Doorbell transformers often have two screw terminals.

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